Freight information


Freight price is always based on how big the actual volume and weight of your current order is, not how many pieces you have ordered.

You will be charged after the below price chart:

Schools in: Rome, Amsterdam, Helsinki, ​Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Dublin, Oslo*, London* & Mallorca.

Price per package max 20 kilos - incl. fuel: 19.- euro

School in: Kos.

Price per package max 20 kilos - incl. fuel: 135.- euro

School in: Bad Gastein​.

Price per package max 20 kilos - incl. fuel: 65.- euro

If the order exceeds 1 package or 20 kilos, shipping will be settled for the number of packages shipped.

If the order weight or volume is suitable for pallet freight, the freight price will be offered by email.​

* For countries outside EU, goods and freight prices will be imposed on customs and customs fees in the recipient country.

If your order is suitable for a pallet the customer team will send you the freight price per email for you to confirm.

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